A Pencil's Tinder Profile - Pencil Set

A Pencil's Tinder Profile - Pencil Set


Even pencils need a mate. What you have here is the pencil’s Tinder profile. The pencil has a lot of overlooked qualities. We thought we’d remind you of them.

  1. Unlimited Characters (This ain’t Twitter!)

  2. Gravity Not Required (NASA spent millions on a pen they could use in space while the Russians just used a pencil.)

  3. Won’t Autocorrect You (Remember dictionaries?)

  4. Batteries Not Included (Cause they don’t need any!)

  5. Swings Both Ways (I mean, who doesn’t really?)

  6. Likes To Be Held (I mean, who doesn’t really?)

Packed in a black case with clear protective covering this is the perfect gift for your own desk or your people who understand the importance of the OG Pencil: the original in creative technology.

Gold foiled #2 hexagonal pencils.

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